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Clint Anderson

Kamehameha Schools Hawaii - High School
Dean of Studies
I am an Educator,

An ethnic history, an amalgamation;

The product of Pacific Islander, Asian, And…


European descendants.

I am

The manifestation

Of thousands of years of evolutionary growth.

I am

Of this time, and not of this time,
Among those who search for the right

Box to check on forms.

I am

Here to embrace change
To exude Aloha in Education

Alo: The blossoms, our youth, our students
Ha: The breath of life

They need To breath.

I am an Educator.
I embrace the kuleana
Of my profession
I am
A re-searcher
Often mistaken for a student,
The truth is…

I am

Still learning,

Will continue to,
For I have much to give
To my own children,
I am
An Educator
After all,

A caretaker
A care-giver
A disciplinarian
A conflict mediator
A producer
A mentor
A scientist
A revolution in the making
An artist

I am

Diversity: Historically particular, Poetically universal.

An Educator,
I am.